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Accueil de Sahil en CE2

Comme des reporters anglais nous avons interrogé SAHIL en anglais :

Voici ce qu’il a répondu :

1° What’s your name ?

My name is Sahil.

2° Where do you live ?

I live in Nagpur in India.

3° What’s your father’s name ?

My father’s name is AJAY.

4° What’s your mother’s name ?

My mother’s name is SHEELA.

5° Have you got sisters, brothers ? What are their names ?

I’ve got a young sister. She is 12 years old. Her name is ALISHA.

6° How old are you ?

I am 16 years old.

7° What’s your favourite food ?

I like french food and indian food.

8° What’s your favourite activity ?

My favourite sport is chess (échecs).

9° What’s your favourite sport ?

My favourite activity is cricket.

10° What’s your favourite subject ?

My favourite subject is Maths.

11° What’s your favourite animal ?

My favourite animal is elephant.

12° Which monument have you visited ?

I have visited Eiffel Tower, Ta Mahal, Arc de Triomphe.

13° Have you got uniform at school ?

Yes I’ve got uniform at school.

14°When do you wear your traditional clothes ?

I wear my traditional clothes during festivals and during visiting the Temple.

15° What’s the weather like in your country ?

The weather is hot.

16° Why do you come in France ?

I come in France to learn language french and the culture of France.

17° Which job would you like in the future ?

I would like to do automobile ingeneering.

18° Which musics do you listen ?

I listen to classical music. I like Julien Doré et Amir. I like Thiersen.

19° Can you draw your flag ?

Orange – green and Gandhi symbol.

20° How have you came to France ?

I came to France by airplane.

21° How many countries have you visited ?

I visited India, Sri Lanka, France, Nepal, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Czek Republic, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

22° How much residents are you in your country ?

The population of India is 1.300.000. (billion)

23° Which animals have you got in your country ?

A lot of.

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